It’s Working

For the first time in what feels like my entire life (and probably is), I have woken up not hacking up a lung. 🙂

It feels weird, like a part of me is missing. But weird in a good way. I’m not quite to the point of being able to take a full, deep breath yet, but I know that I am getting there, and fast. 

I think that I may actually try running in a few days. But not today, I’m still feeling woozy.

I also woke up with a fasting blood glucose of 70. Eek! So excited, I haven’t done that in a while, either!

I must finally be clearing out all the infections that have been going on in my body over the years.

Granted, the high-dose antibiotics I’m now on are also contributing to this. But I don’t care what is working, all that I know is that…

It’s working.

In the meantime though, I’m going to have some breakfast, chug down a couple glasses of water, and then go back to sleep. Because I’m still dehydrated and woozy.