Steep Downward Slide

Please allow me to acquaint you with the progression of my blood sugars over the 4 hours since discovering my site was kinked:

I think my site is working perfectly fine now.

It doesn’t help that my blood sugars tend to crash following an IVIG infusion. The last time around, I spent the day of in bed sleeping and I spent the day after adjusting the pump. I’m in for an awfully long night. Good thing I can spend all day tomorrow sleeping.

After seeing that lovely blood glucose reading of 48 mg/dL, I did what any normal girl who had her sugars drop 355 points in 4 hours would do:

Mmm carbs…

I’ll be honest, after 8 months of low carb I really didn’t enjoy those Doritos and Faygo as much as I used to – and it has nothing to do with the fact that those chips should be Better Made¬†ones. I’ve read about people losing their taste for carbohydrates after going LCHF, and I’m now wondering if I am one of those? In a past life, that can would have been gone as well as 3/4 of the bag…well, I only drank 1/3 of it and I stopped at maybe 2 oz of chips – twice the serving size, but way less than I would have eaten a year ago. Blood sugar right now is at 73, so I’m at least at a perfectly liveable state, the temp basal got cancelled and that extreme 10 unit dose of Novalog at 7 this evening in an effort to drop the sugars, I have no idea how much is left active because I didn’t deliver it through the pump. I’ll probably be up for another couple of hours just to make sure I don’t crash. In the meantime though, I’m uploading the pump settings since I’m curious to see what the IVIG will do to my settings so that maybe I can anticipate it next month. I seem to go on a dip and then I start raising my settings after 2 and a half weeks or so when I start running out of Ig because I’ve started out with active infections and I’m having a tough time fighting things again. I want to be able to have data so that I can anticipate what I need to do for next month’s round.

My life would be so much easier if illness didn’t spike the crap out of my blood sugars.

Of course, I will be doing this all over again when I start on the SCIG, but whatevs. The more data, the better. I do hope that the SCIG will keep me on a more even level so that I don’t go through the peaks and valleys with the blood sugars and the peaks and valleys with my energy levels. Because last month was extreme. I’m hoping that this month, like the infusion, will go better.

And here I was trying to add a “Diabetes” tag to the post, getting pissed off because I am mashing on the enter key and it’s not adding, yet I can add everything else…until I realised that “Diabetes” was the first one I put in…yeah, I think it’s time for me to go to bed…


Rolling the Ball on IVIG

So I talked with the nurse at my immunologist’s office today. Apparently, the labs came back “not where we would like them,” and they want to start intravenous immunoglobulin therapy. I really wish she had been a little more detailed or I had thought to speak with the doctor about it, because he’s much more of a straight shooter and I appreciate straight shooters. But anyway, the plan right now is to start IVIG here really soon, do that for three months and then go into the office to discuss starting subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy.

That conversation was somewhat amusing in my opinion:

“So, you’ll be given it through the skin, kind of like a diabetic. Now it’s a lot of needles and poking and a lot of people have problems with that especially giving themselves the needles. Do you think that is something you’ll be interested in?”

“Well, it turns out I am a diabetic, so needles really don’t bother me. As a matter of fact, I’m on an insulin pump so I know what it’s like to be hooked up to a machine 24/7. So yeah, let’s do it.”

I wish I could be hooked up to my insulin pump for only 2 hours a week like it is with the SCIG. That would be pretty sweet.

But for now the plan is thus: three months of IVIG in the hospital so that I can be monitored. Assessment after the third infusion, then getting the ball rolling on SCIG.

Sounds like a plan, man.