Confessions of a Naughty Girl

Grabbed your eye with that title, didn’t I? 😉

Actually, my confessions are more of a medical nature. Because I’ve spent most of the day goofing up.

1) I must have loaded my pump with expired insulin the other day.

My blood sugars have been sky high ever since. Granted, the 307 I logged at 4 o’clock yesterday morning turned out to be the result of a kinked site. Good thing my control is as tight as it is, in a past life I would have been “meh, bolus some more,” not “good thing I have infusion sets stockpiled…” and pulling out a cannula that is bent almost completely in two (yeah, it was KINKED). So I put in a new site…no change. Except for an 87 after lunch and a ton of active insulin in my system. I have been running in the 170s-190s all night, which is VERY uncharacteristic for me, I rarely see BGs over 140 unless I’ve been cheating on the diet. About half an hour ago, after doing yet another site change with no improvement in numbers, it dawned on me that I had put what was left of the bottle in the pump that time. A little mental math revealed that I am only going through between 700 and 900 units over the 28 days a bottle is viable – and I just drained it, meaning the insulin in it was well past it’s expiration date.

2) Instead of doing a full site change, I just swapped out the reservoirs.

Why? Because I just put in a brand new damn infusion set and those things are expensive, that’s why!

3) I took an injection of insulin without swabbing with alcohol first.

Probably not a good idea when you have an immune disorder.

4) I had fries this afternoon.

Because my blood sugar was at 87 and I still had a unit and a half of active insulin in my system. Sure, I was at 178 two hours later…whoops.

5) It’s 2 in the morning and I’m still up despite being exhausted.

Mostly because I just injected a bunch of insulin manually to get me through until the pump gets the old insulin out of the tube and into my system. That and I’m super dehydrated and have to pee.

Which I am going to do right now. And probably dip a ketostick in it too…sounds like a good idea…