Live From the Infusion Clinic

Whoo, I guess I need to update y’all.

So I got a phone call yesterday telling me what I pretty much already knew: they think I have XLA. Oh goodie. I got written another lab for a genetics screen to see what’s what, spent some time talking to the doctor about what’s next, and he lit a fire under the infusion clinic. Sure, I had to physically go there to set up the appointment, but whatevs.

So I went and ran my errands, visited what felt like 1000 doctor’s offices updating phone numbers and signing releases of information for Baby Imp, got myself a piece of cheesecake from a local cheesecake shop (because fuck low carb, that’s why) and got my daddy his father’s day present. Then I ran Baby Imp out to my mother in law’s so that she could watch her while I went and did this.

So now I’m sitting here in the infusion clinic, alone, bored, and scared. I’ve already called my mama up sobbing, she should be here shortly. With saltine crackers and diet ginger ale. 

Because fuck low carb. That’s why.

That and I’m feeling a little queasy.

Surprisingly, despite being mixed with a 5% glucose solution, my blood sugars have actually been dropping – pretty rapidly, as a matter of fact. Which means one of two things is happening:

1) The supercharged high-dose antibiotics I was prescribed for the ear infection are starting to kick in.

2) The immunoglobulin is getting straight to work.

A combination of the two, possibly?

It started off all right. They are titrating me because I am new to this. And holy hell, was it not a pleasant experience. The first half hour, I was perfectly fine. The second, my chest started hurting a bit. I was checked out and determined to be fine, it was probably related to the chest congestion I’m currently rocking. Then they put me up a third time, and things got SUPER uncomfortable. I started shivering and my back and legs started hurting and OMG it was awful.

This was when I called up my mama in tears begging her to get here.

And then I checked my blood sugar and saw a 59. Woo, that’s not good. Especially since I had turned the pump off an hour prior after an an 89 and about a unit of active insulin. That was when the shivering started, I checked my BG just in case it was because I was low (that has been known to happen).

So I toddled myself over to the nurses’ station and was shown where to get me some apple juice and crackers. Total hypoglycemia correction overkill, but right now I really don’t give a shit.

Now, I feel mildly functional. Minus the knee pain, lower back pain and headache. I should probably get myself some more water.

But mama’s coming with ginger ale. And I like ginger ale. 



I just realised it’s Friday the Thirteenth.