When I clicked on the “New Post” button, it brought me to a page asking what kind of post I was going to do (text, picture, video, etc) with a link underneath those options saying “Looking for inspiration? Inspire me!” Thanks folks, I don’t need inspiration, I clicked on the link with the intention of saying something, I am plenty inspired.

The inspiration for my post today involves my experience thus far with Google+. Now, I consider myself to be one of those hip, cool and up-to-date with technology kinds of people. Apparently, I’m way more behind than I thought, because I just do not understand Google+. I created a page for the blog (after being forced to create a personal one that I didn’t want attached to the Google account for the blog, which irritated me greatly), got that up and running, and then set myself to trying to figure out how to connect the blog to the Google+ page.

I’m still trying to get it worked out. In the meantime, this is how I feel:


I mean, I’m following people, but I’m not seeing them in the circles. I don’t even understand the whole concept of circles, to be honest. Not only that, but it doesn’t appear to me like Google+ is a big thing – which doesn’t surprise me, given how confusing it is.

Dear Google,

Seriously, streamline Google+. Then maybe more people would use it. Because the way it is…OMG. Too much, too fast, and it’s like looking for a specific pair of socks in a 15-year-old boy’s room. Make it less complicated!


Lady Imp