Back to Work

I won’t lie, there are times I wish I could just be a stay-at-home mother. I would be quite happy taking care of the baby and the house, and cooking and making sure laundry gets done and keeping track of everyone’s schedules and appointments.

I also know that I would lose my damn mind if I did that.

So, I went into work today for the first time after the infusion. It was…well, I survived. Sure, I was still feeling somewhat woozy and the 9 and a half hour shift was probably way above and beyond what I can handle anymore, but whatevs, I survived.

I did, however, get banned from schoolwork tonite by both my husband and one of my coworkers. I have been ordered to relax. I know I need it…but these 150 pages of 1491 aren’t going to read themselves. 

I will say though that I think that the only reason I’m able to get anything accomplished right now is because Lord Imp has taken the baby over to his mother’s for the week so that I can relax and only have to worry about myself. Because he knows that even with him around, if the baby is in the house I am going to spend all my time taking care of her and no time taking care of me. As much as it pains me to say it, he did the right thing. I feel incredibly guilty that he’s dealing with her, especially since she’s been incredibly fussy lately. But I can’t deny that I am incredibly grateful for the alone time to focus on getting myself back up and running again.

But I do wish he were here though. After 9 and a half hours on my feet, a back massage sounds excellent. Especially since my back is still a little achy after the infusion…