Don’t Panic

They want to do bloodwork on my siblings and daughter now.

“Don’t worry.” Those two words I heard at least three times from the nurse’s mouth. “Don’t worry. We’re just looking for genetic links.”

Lady, I’m a molecular biology student. I know what this means. I also know that there are unknown patterns of inheritance for CVID. So the question is, do I really have ARA?

To be honest, it doesn’t particularly matter. The treatment options are the same, and I’m done having kids. Baby Imp is healthy as a horse thus far, but I won’t object to getting her tested. My siblings both have champion immune systems (my brother’s is in overdrive, as a matter of fact).

I just wish I had a definitive name to call this. I’ve been calling it CVID thus far, just to give it a name. We’ll see what it really turns out to be.

The nurse should be calling me sometime today. I’m gonna straight-up ask her.

In the meantime:


Image by VigilantMeadow on Deviantart