A few things I need to address:

First and foremost, all the writings contained herein are simply the thoughts of the author. I am most certainly not a medical professional nor an expert. Any writings on this blog are strictly the thoughts and opinions of the author, and by no means constitute medical advice. Incorporating any ideas contained in the blog is entirely up to the reader, and they assume all responsibility and liabilities.

I cannot begin to say this enough: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. This blog is not meant to dish out medical advice, just a place for me to write out what I’m thinking. If my thoughts help you out in any way, shape or form, then awesome. That makes me happy beyond belief and I am more than excited to hear about your own experiences. However, ALWAYS follow the advice of a medical professional – and if your medical professional has said something different, I would love to hear about it. I’m always open to discourse on new ideas over a cup of coffee and a keyboard.

As the thoughts contained are mine, then I would like to receive credit for them. When reblogging or quoting, please contain a link to the post you are quoting. I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due, and I expect the same in return. This blog, and all the posts and images contained herein, are the property of Paved Silver Roads. Usage of any item contained on this blog without express written permission from the author is expressly prohibited.

With all that being said, I heavily encourage each and every one of you to comment and discuss. Feel free to introduce yourself! I’m a pretty easygoing person most of the time. Visit the “Your Turn” page and leave me a little note! I look forward to hearing from  you!



Lady Imp


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