My mama spoils me rotten.

I worship the ground Carolyn Ketchum walks on. For serious. My recipe binder is full of stuff I have printed off of All Day I Dream About Food. So when she posted her slow cooker chocolate cake recipe, I started some serious envy. And not my usual “OMG it looks so pretty!” envy (because we all know everything I make looks like dinosaur poop), more of the “wow, I really want your equipment, but I’m a broke college student with a kid *sadface*” envy.

I’ve been wanting a new slow cooker for years. Mine, it’s done its job. But it’s gotta be a good 40 years old. I got it from someone who got it from someone who got it from someone. It’s served its purpose, but it just doesn’t do what I want it to do anymore. It doesn’t even have temperature settings – it’s either on or it’s off. So when Carolyn suggested the Hamilton Beach Set-and-Forget 6-qt slow cooker, I was all


I would have drawn you a graphic, but my scanner is on another peninsula and I’m too broke to own a tablet.

This thing could be a life changer, I thought to myself. I can put a roast in it, go to class, and it will be ready when I get home. I can program it to automatically turn the temp down, so I can make soup or something and walk away. Just the exact thing that a mother with a full-time class schedule and a part-time job needs. Not to mention, it would probably bake that little cake there way better than my ancient slow cooker would.

But alas, the price tag was way out of my price range, and while it had the potential to save my life, it was by far not a necessity. So, I figured I would put away a little money here and there and treat myself here in a few months.

This is where my mother comes in.

Lord Imp and I have recently moved into a new house a loooong way away from home, and along with both of our parents, we have been working on accumulating everything that a house needs. We have all the necessities, all of our furniture has been either purchased or acquired from siblings looking to offload stuff they no longer need, the house came with all the major appliances and all the necessary minor appliances have been purchased. Apart from a garbage can and a broom, we have everything that is necessary for life. What’s left are the little things that will make what will inevitably be a hectic 9 months a little easier to manage. Thus the reasoning for needing the slow cooker. 

My mother has been working on getting everyone’s Christmas presents as the year has gone on, and it turns out that I was one of the last she had to buy for. So when I told her about wanting this slow cooker, her response was “well, we’re going to Meijer, if they have what you want, I’ll buy it for you. Call it your early Christmas present.”

I am spoiled rotten. But so immensely grateful that there are no words to fully express it.

So I am now the proud owner of a new Hamilton Beach slow cooker. And I have been going through my 1700 bookmarks of low-carb recipes planning out what I’m going to make in it. And Carolyn, that cake of yours is going to be the first thing that’s going in my brand-spaking-new slow cooker.

But, I’m not allowed to take it out of the box until I get back up to the house. Because I’m back down at my parent’s for the week because of doctor’s appointments (*le sigh* falling apart), and Lord Imp still has another week and a half at his job before we go up there for good. So here I am, with this tempting new toy sitting there, staring me down with its tempting devil eyes, and I have to be patient. Because I’m not going to get it out to only have to pack it back up. That and all my low-carb ingredients are up in the new house.

Although I do need more almond flour, I’m almost out. And it’s high time I finally bought real stuff. Time to order me a bag of Honeyville almond flour, now that I finally have the freezer space for it.


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