Life, Unplugged

So over the weekend, Lord Imp and I packed all our stuff up and made the 7-hour trek up to da UP to drop our stuff off at the new house. And since I failed to set up the internet at the house and I failed to read the fine print regarding my cell phone plan’s data, I ended up spending most of the 72-hour period off the internet.

Which was, without a doubt, the most bizarre feeling ever.

Sure, I did have internet at spots between Friday morning and Sunday night when I returned. Like when I got stranded on campus because my car decided that it didn’t want to stay running – for the second time that morning. So we had to have it towed to a mechanic (got a call from them this afternoon, turned out it was just some bad battery cables. Thank GOD, because I thought I had blown the alternator). That put me behind by two hours, which pissed me off royally, and the rest of the packing involved me rushing about, snapping at my daddy and dropping my beloved Warhammer whatever-it’s-really-called I loved it because it was assembled and painted by Lord Imp for me and it’s a dragon and I love me some dragons. It broke. Into several pieces, some of them shards. Lord Imp’s gonna see about fixing it for me, but I’m not sure it’s fixable. We’ll see.

Needless to say, Friday was a bad day for me. We finally got on the road out of my house at about 2 o’clock, and after a stop we finally got on the road to our house.

At damn near 5:30 in the evening.

We didn’t get home until well past midnight. So our first night in the new house involved us throwing the stuff that we had packed on top of the bed into the living room, pulling the bed upstairs, parking the truck and trailer, and passing out.

I swear, this is going to be one of those times we’re going to look back on and laugh. But not for a few years.

So we went for breakfast, picked up a few groceries and necessities at the store, unpacked the trailer (took surprisingly little time), then I played a little Assassin’s Creed IV and then passed out within the first 5 minutes of Inglourious Basterds. Woke up, and we had supper cooked on our new grill. And then we decided that the internet was a necessity, because I wanted to go to the co-op store for one egg and Lord Imp wanted some beer.

Let me just take this moment to say that yes, I only wanted one egg. It would be over a week before I was going to be back to the house, I didn’t want to buy a dozen that I would have to worry about going rotten. And I can get single eggs at the co-op store here in Traverse City, so why couldn’t I do it up there?

Well, apparently, that’s a no-go up in the Keweenaw. I don’t know if the lack of rolling farmland that we have down in the lower peninsula has anything to do with it. Either way, we ended up picking up a 6-pack of brews from Lord Imp’s stand-by brewery and swung by the IGA for cheaper butter and some breakfast sausage.

So, we sat on the steps leading up to the deck because we have no furniture for it yet, drinking beer and talking. For two hours. Something that likely wouldn’t have happened had I bothered to set up more than just the electricity, gas and water. It was really lovely, the weather was perfect and we sat there just enjoying each other’s company. Really, truly wonderful.


A fitting first beer in our first home.

I really didn’t want to come back on Sunday, but the baby and I both had doctors appointments the following week so my return was necessary, and Lord Imp still has another two weeks at his job. I’m anxious to get back up there, just because it’s my house and I only have to share it with Lord Imp and the baby. It’s my own space, I can decorate it however I want and I can keep whatever I want in the pantry. I can make whatever I want for supper and not hear complaining, and I know that my dishes will get done in a timely fashion (even if I do have a stack of them waiting to be put away when I get back, they’re at least clean).

Life at the house won’t remain unplugged, however. Homework doesn’t do itself, and it doesn’t get done without the internet…


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