Coffee and Coconuts

I am obsessed with putting coconut oil in my coffee.

I was introduced to the wonders of coconut oil on a diabetes message board. It’s full of good fats that keep your tummy full, among a myriad of other benefits. As inspired by those on the board, I’ve lately taken to putting it in my morning coffee. My local grocery store carries a free-trade decaf vanilla hazelnut blend that is deeee-lish, which I brew up in my single-cup coffee maker (since I’m the only person in the house who drinks decaf, and when Lord Imp and I move north I will be the only person who drinks coffee, period). My mother has a single-cup blender that I have commandeered for the time being, and to that I put in a bit of almond milk or heavy whipping cream (depending on what’s in the fridge, it was HWC today since I appear to be out of almond milk), about a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil, and a good size helping of coconut palm sugar since it doesn’t spike my blood sugars so it’s safe for me to use (not exactly ketogenic though, but whatevs I’m more interested in keeping my blood sugars level than losing weight at this point). After the coffee is done brewing, I add it to the blender, put the lid on, and let ‘er rip. And it blends everything together, gets the coconut oil actually mixed in so that I don’t end up with this thick film of oil on the top of my coffee, and gives it a creamy consistency almost similar to something that you get at the coffee shop. For much less per cup than I would be spending at the coffee shop. Cause I’m cheap like you would not believe.

I really enjoy this morning cup of coffee. The fats keep me going, and coconut oil has been known to keep my blood sugars level for much of the day. Sometimes I’ll even add cinnamon if the mood strikes (and I remember), because in addition to cinnamon being tasty, word on the street has it that it will keep blood sugars level as well. I think the best thing about it is that I am able to make a cup of coffee-house quality coffee that won’t spike my blood sugar and using the stuff I already have in my kitchen.

I should have taken pictures….but it didn’t last long.


Sucks to be you

But then again, we all know that I’m not a food blogger, and I’m awful with a camera when it comes to food. It also takes a considerable amount of self-control to keep me from eating what I made straight away. Especially when it’s the morning, and I need my damn coffee.

The funny thing is, I’m really not a big fan of coconut. The taste of it had to grow on me. I use only cold-pressed, unrefined oil which has a pretty distinct coconut flavour to it, and it was definitely something that I had to acclimate my tastebuds to. While I won’t be going off and eating coconut shreds anytime soon, I will say that I am now all right with using it in my cooking.

Which reminds me, I need to buy more coconut oil. Between the microwave cakes and the coffee, I’m almost out.


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