Dancing With Lady Luck

As though the pump failing yesterday wasn’t enough of a scare, Lord Imp got out of bed at about 3 this morning to close the window because he found it to be quite chilly in the room, then got back in, put his arm around me and distinctly said “baby, you’re pretty warm.”

When you have an immunodeficiency, those are quite possibly the scariest words you can ever hear.

So I got out of bed and tried to swallow. Yeah, that hurt. Now my throat has been hurting upon leaving bed for the last few days, but it’s kind of abated as the day went on, so I didn’t think anything of it. I also had a raging headache and my mouth was dry, so thinking I had a high blood sugar level, I went and checked. Result: 111. Okay, it’s much higher than I like, but that’s not the issue here. So figuring I was dehydrated (again), I went and grabbed a glass of ice water. Lord Imp, bless his heart, got out of bed and found me a thermometer. Taking your temperature after drinking ice water isn’t the brightest idea, it came back in the low 96-degree range, so I went back to bed with the intent of double-checking in the morning.

I woke up completely unable to swallow and my right ear hurting. That’s no bueno. Especially when you’re an hour and a half away from the immunologist’s office.

So knowing that your body temp lowers when you’re asleep, I waited about an hour to take my temperature, and it was normal. So I called up the office, told them my situation, and found out that it just so happened that he was in the satellite office just up the road from where I was.

Lady Luck is sucking up to me, isn’t she?

So they contacted him to see what he wanted to do, and I was told to come in. Turns out nothing’s looking infected, but he had no doubt that I wasn’t feeling well and that what I had was most likely viral, so I got ordered to bed for a little R&R for the next couple of days as well as prescribed amoxicillin just in case I don’t improve. Which I had him do as a liquid because I have a tough time with those pills to begin with, swallowing them now is out of the question. So I left the baby at her grandma’s house and now I’m here in bed.

I should probably be doing schoolwork. I’ll get on that here in a few. I know it’s late, but I spent most of the afternoon sleeping, I can handle this.

And to update on the insulin pump issue…the new battery cap came in while I was on the phone with my mother, so I was able to get her to put it in for me. It didn’t work. So I called up Medtronic and they’re sending me a new one, should arrive before noon tomorrow. I also found out that I am able to use my monitor to transmit my pump settings to CareLink.

You have GOT to be kidding me. Thinking that I needed the USB transmitter I have been putting off ordering it because I didn’t want to spend the $60, and all this time I could just have been using the damn blood glucose monitor???? Sonofabitch. Had I known that, I would have been using it this whole time.

I would also have my pump settings backed up.

ATBEPIJT3UP9TEWBUSGNLKGWJPOTWEPOTEWHIO. That’s me rage pounding on the keyboard.

I went into CareLink, and lo and behold, when I clicked on the Minimed icon, it brought me to a page asking what I was using to upload the settings. And there was my monitor, already clicked. *le sigh* Well, I’ve learned my lesson. Granted, I’ve learned it the hard way, but it’s been learned. From now on, I’m uploading the settings. Once a week. So that if this ever happens again (and I hope to hell it doesn’t), I am prepared.



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